Podcasts and Bookmarks

Today I spent most of the day finishing making about seventy-five (physical) bookmarks I’m intending to sell at the Friends of the Nokomis Library book sale next weekend, to raise money for my very deserving library.  I used pages from a falling-apart copy of The Hobbit to cover one side, and the other side is some doodly art I had previously created.  Then I have scads of artsy yarn that is shit to knit with but looks really great in other arty projects like this! I was going to color all the bookmarks on the doodly side, until I colored about three and realized that it would take me about a year.  Then i realized that i should  leave them uncolored because, duh, adult coloring books, a thing now, so let the people color their own bookmarks!

While i was working I was listening to episode after episode of one of Book Riot’s fab podcasts.  I just discovered this one, it’s called Reading Lives, hosted by Jeff O’Neal, and it’s an interview format where he talks to one person for the whole hour, all about how they developed as a reader, who/what books were their influences, seminal reading moments, etc.  It’s heaven for reading junkies like me.  And you! Check it out.


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