Memorial Day 2015

I have very mixed feelings about this so-called holiday.  On the one hand, great, my husband gets a day off from work.  On the other hand, why? To remember people who served our country, maybe not just the ones who didn’t come back, but how about the ones who have come back and been permanently damaged, physically, psychologically, or both? My father served in Korea as a Marine and he  never, ever talked about it when I was growing up, only at the very end of his life.  I was a snot as a teenager, like all teenagers I suppose, thought I knew it all and that the military was just plain stupid.  How simple that was.

Anyway, I have renewed respect for people who have fought in wars, for whatever reason. I don’t judge them. So, enough already with the politics, right? Why am I going on about this on my book blog, you are wondering? Well, it so happens that I listened to a very good podcast yesterday about military fantasy/sci-fi, on one of my favorite shows, The Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy. Episode #143. There is a great panel that discusses writers of this subgenre, and how some writers get the whole “grunt” experience right and others don’t.  I found myself interested in this discussion,  about the stories that are not about the leaders of the war.


Two series mentioned that I’m currently looking into are Weston Ochse’s Seal Team 666, about a very special ops team who fight supernatural beings, and Glen Cook’s Chronicles of the Black Company, about a band of mercenaries. I was especially interested to hear that Cook, who used to be in the Navy, wrote an essay about PTSD that doctors use now to better understand how to help returning soldiers.  In other words, he’s got cred.

Anyhow, if any of you have read these series I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’m pretty new to this subgenre.